Enhancing the connection
between dialysis and
transplant programs

Improve control of dialysis referrals for timely and accurate patient management


A Unified Service that provides convenient, consistent access

TX Connect, a service of TX Services, LLC, fulfills an important role in improving quality outcomes by facilitating communication between dialysis providers and transplant programs.  Through the TX Connect Portal, dialysis centers can submit referrals along with the required documents to transplant programs then follow those referred patients on their journey towards waitlisting and, ultimately, a new kidney. 


Say Goodbye to faxing and phone calls

The cumbersome process of faxing, phone calls and email is replaced by an intuitive and highly tailored communication portal, supported on PC's as well as smaller devices.  From that portal,  dialysis professionals can begin the referral process and then follow each patient's progress through the TX Connect Dashboard.

A single portal for all communications

Transplant programs access the portal to receive referrals and to communicate effortlessly with participating dialysis programs.  And, for those transplant programs who have integrated their EMR through TX Connect's API,  information flows seamlessly from the portal directly to the EMR without the need for data entry or transcription.  The API also supports communication with a dialysis EMR.

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