TXConnect - Increasing the number of waitlisted patients while delivering value to transplant programs and dialysis centers alike

        About TX Connect

Say goodbye to one-way faxes and phone tag!

For the dialysis center we offer

  • an intuitive and straightforward way to send an electronic referral to any transplant center in the US

  • a method of exchanging important documents with the transplant center

  • a simple but powerful dashboard that offers a concise view of patient status, including upcoming appointments

  • a messaging facility that keeps a record by patient-referral of all exchanges between dialysis and transplant


For the transplant center we offer

  • the ability to automatically update patient statuses, upcoming appointments, upcoming blood draws and other tests

  • the ability to import electronic referrals directly into your EMR

  • a replacement for periodic reporting to each dialysis center required by CMS

  • the ability to quickly know when a patient has transferred or expired

  • a messaging facility specifically designed to communicate with dialysis

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